Danick Blouin

Montreal, QC


Having been around computers for most of my childhood, I quickly developed an interest in programming in elementary school. This interest grew in high school and it was in 2018 that I completed my studies in programming, in 2021 I obtained my college diploma in IT management and I continued my studies in Software Engineering at ÉTS. After 10 months working as a full-stack developer at Indoor Growing Canada, I now work as a programmer analyst intern for Les Producteurs de lait du Québec where my curiosity and my desire to learn are fullfiled.

Hardworking and organized, I pay attention to detail when it comes to analyzing problems and solutions. I like to plan my tasks and I usually represent them visually when they are complex. Recently, I have developed a keen interest in algorithm design, robotics, and solving math-oriented problems. I enjoy exploring these areas and expanding my knowledge in them.

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