board game AI

Developed an AI for the game 'Pushers' and participated in a class tournament where teams competed against each other.

This project was hands down the best one I worked on. It allowed me to dive deep into the world of AI and gain extensive knowledge on creating AI agents for game boards. I learned a variety of techniques, including iterative deepening, transposition table, mini-max, negamax, alpha-beta pruning, killer-move, zobrist-hashing, bitboard, and quiescence search. Although I couldn’t implement all of these techniques due to time constraints, the project provided valuable insights and significantly enhanced my understanding of AI and it’s potential.

I invested a considerable amount of time and effort into this project, and it paid off in the end. Our team emerged victorious in the tournament, with 9 victories and 1 defeat. It was a gratifying outcome that highlighted the hard work we put into developing our AI agent for the game.

Code and report

I cannot share the code because the project is still behind done by new students. I might make a public version of the report tho, we’ll see.


Grade: 100%

Performance: 10/8

Report: 5/5

Tournament website (115_T)

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